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December FREEBIES, ingyenes karácsonyi ötletek a kcedventures.com weboldal hírleveléből. Az egyik nagy kedvencem az oldal, minden hónapban küld összesítőt az általa jónak talált ingyenes anyagokból, amit más oldalakról szed össze. 

For Kids

Send off those wishes with this fun Letter to Santa stationary

We have an awesome list of FREE Holiday e-Books — read on the go, on the road, anytime!

Explore some science with this Holiday Sink & Float activity.

Learn about the different names of Santa in this Santa’s Name Matching Game

Kids will enjoy a Gingerbread Scavenger Hunt

And check out these 14 Free Online Holiday websites too!

For Family Fun

Learn more about geography with this Christmas Around the World challenge for kids, teens & adults!

Enjoy a game together with these Holiday & Winter Charades printables!

If you’re traveling for the holidays, be sure to Start a New Family Tradition this year.

Looking to Volunteer? 30 Service Projects for Kids & Families

Plus a few more: 25 printable Christmas Games & Activities

You can also surprise your kids with these FREE set of Holiday Coupons to use throughout the month!



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